Exactly What NOT To Do - 4 Easy Ways To Destroy Your Car


If you aren't savvy about keeping your car in good condition, it can be surprisingly easy to destroy your vehicle within months of your first drive. Here are a few ways you could end up totally wrecking your car if you aren't careful. Drive Through Water Though you can safely drive through a couple inches of water if you are very careful and your vehicle has good tires, you might be surprised how little standing water it takes to completely ruin your car.

23 March 2016

The Five Things You Need To Turn Your Pickup Into A Tailgating Machine

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If you love tailgating your favorite team's games or even the occasional high school football game, it's important to have a truck that's fit for the job. With these five add-on accessories, you can turn any pickup truck into the tailgating machine that will have friends and family begging to be a part of your tailgating crew. A Bed Extender One key to a great tailgating experience is being able to bring along everything you need without having to re-pack everything three times to ensure it fits.

10 March 2016

5 Semi-Truck Features To Help You Keep Up With Yoga Routines

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Driving on the road for long hours of the day can result in crammed muscles, achy backs, and stiff legs. One way that many drivers help relieve pain is with yoga exercises and daily routines. Regularly performing yoga exercises has many benefits including increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, and improved energy. All three of these benefits are important to truck drivers. Traveling on the road all day doesn't bring many opportunities to stop at a local yoga studio.

17 February 2016