5 Semi-Truck Features To Help You Keep Up With Yoga Routines

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Driving on the road for long hours of the day can result in crammed muscles, achy backs, and stiff legs. One way that many drivers help relieve pain is with yoga exercises and daily routines. Regularly performing yoga exercises has many benefits including increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, and improved energy. All three of these benefits are important to truck drivers. Traveling on the road all day doesn't bring many opportunities to stop at a local yoga studio. Luckily, when you're shopping for a used semi truck, there are five features to look for. These features are great for people who do yoga and allow you to perform a variety of exercises from right within the truck cab.

Carpeted Floors

The sleeper cab with a hard floor surface can be cold and uncomfortable to perform yoga on. Get a little extra comfort and warmth by choosing a cab with finished carpet. A thin carpet can give you a sturdy base to perform yoga on while still providing extra warmth. Even if you use a yoga mat, the carpeted areas are ideal for walking around barefoot on after your session or for performing stretches that take place off the mat.

Recessed Lighting

When performing yoga, you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Hanging light fixtures or lamps can protrude and get in your way. Instead of sacrificing your natural movements and not focusing correctly on poses, look for a sleeper with recessed lighting installed. Recessed lighting is installed evenly with the roof or walls of the cab so it does not stick out. Not only will this help with your yoga exercises, but it adds a nice look to the cab.

A sleeper cab with a sunroof can also provide extra lighting options without protruding in the area where you're performing yoga at.

Fold-Away Sections

Along with lighting, you want to eliminate any other distractions and have a space big enough to lay out your yoga mat and stretch. When shopping for a used truck, look for a sleeper cab that features fold-away sections. This includes tables, cabinets, and seating areas. By folding the areas up and locking them in place, you can create the ideal yoga workout area. When looking for a truck, it's a good idea to measure out or estimate your body length on the floor. Then see what areas may interfere with any yoga poses. See how the area can be condensed to give you the most space.

Media Options

Often, a variety of media is used to guide you through your yoga sessions. Sleeper cabs can be found with a number of these options. For example, a rotating television mount is great for use with yoga training DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. You can adjust the TV to easily see the yoga poses and follow directions on the screen. Built-in speakers through the sleeper cab make it ideal for listening to soothing music while you perform yoga tasks. Some people also utilize instructional yoga podcasts for routines.

A phone jack or Wi-Fi antenna can also be used to connect online for yoga instruction. Using a laptop or other wireless device, you can view online tutorials from a variety of video websites and yoga training online. These connections may not be as obvious, so it's a good idea to ask the truck dealer about this specific feature and if it's located in the sleeper cab.

Extra Storage Spaces

A sleeper cab often utilizes a lot of space for extra storage. Along with storing clothes, kitchen needs, food, and other items, you should look for sleeper cabs with storage space for your yoga equipment. Ideally, a larger space under a bed or shelving unit is ideal for your yoga supplies. Even when rolled up, a yoga mat can take up a lot of space, so it's important to have a proper storage area that will not warp or damage the mat in any way. Additional accessories include towels, workout gear, and special tools like a yoga brick. Before picking out a truck, determine how much extra equipment you'd like to pack for each trip.

With some proper planning, you can keep up with your yoga routine no matter where your work travels take you. Now that you know what features to look for in a sleeper cab, check out a semi truck dealership like Arrow Truck Sales.


17 February 2016

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