The Five Things You Need To Turn Your Pickup Into A Tailgating Machine

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If you love tailgating your favorite team's games or even the occasional high school football game, it's important to have a truck that's fit for the job. With these five add-on accessories, you can turn any pickup truck into the tailgating machine that will have friends and family begging to be a part of your tailgating crew.

A Bed Extender

One key to a great tailgating experience is being able to bring along everything you need without having to re-pack everything three times to ensure it fits. Nobody wants to have to jam the last few lawn chairs into the cab because they didn't fit in the bed. A bed extender ensures you have more space to pack the essentials, from your grill to a picnic table.

There are a couple different types of bed extenders. The long, pull-out extenders often used for hauling lumber are not ideal for your tailgating needs since they make it tough to secure cargo other than wood in the back of your truck. A better choice is the cage-like bed extenders, which basically enclose your open tailgate. These add a much-needed couple of extra feet to the back of your truck bed, and when you don't need them, they can be laid down flat against the tailgate.

Truck Bed Water Dispenser

A water holder that mounts into the corner of your truck's bed and has a tap that you can access from the side of the truck will come in so handy when you're tailgating. You can use the water for drinking, rinsing off your hands, or even to put out a charcoal grill when you're done using it. Look for a model that bungees securely into the back of your truck bed so you don't have to worry about it moving around as you drive. Make sure you can easily access not only the tap, but also the water input hole from the side of the truck so you don't have to unload everything to utilize the water dispenser.

A Tailgate Step

Especially after you've had a few brews, you may not want to be climbing up and down off the tailgate every time you need something out of the truck bed. A tailgate step eliminates this issue. This is a device that attaches to the back of your open tailgate. It has a platform you can step on midway up to the tailgate, so climbing into your truck bed is more like climbing up a set of stairs than hurdling into a too-high truck bed.

A Bottle Opener Hitch Cover

Are you tired of spending the first 20 minutes of every tailgating party searching for a bottle opener? The bottle opener hitch cover is a little accessory that prevents this struggle. These are sold in many different styles and colors. You might even be able to find one with your favorite team's logo on it. The cover screws over your truck's hitch, and it has a bottle opener built right into it so you can snap off those lids with ease.

An Electric Heater Pad

Tailgating on a chilly day is a lot more enjoyable when you have a place to warm up. Propane or gasoline-powered space heaters are not safe for use in a truck bed, since there's a risk of fire or carbon monoxide inhalation. However, an electric heater pad that plugs into your truck's cigarette lighter is a good solution. These pads are typically a few feet wide and long. They sit on the bed of your truck and get warm, though not hot. When you get chilly, you can go sit on the pad in the truck bed for a few minutes and warm up your bottom.

With the right truck accessories, you can take your tailgating experience to the next level.


10 March 2016

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