A Used Transmission Might Be The Best Solution For Your Car Trouble


The last thing you want to hear is that your car has a bad transmission. Depending on the problem, it's possible the mechanic can make repairs or replace a few parts to get the transmission back into shape. However, it's also possible the transmission is so far gone that it can't be repaired. In that case, it has to be rebuilt or replaced. Either option can be expensive, but you and your mechanic will have to decide which method to choose if you want to keep your car in running condition.

20 August 2018

Three Steps For Maintaining Your Tires


The conditions that your tires will experience can cause extensive wear to them, which will lead to them posing potentially serious safety risks. Minimizing the risks of your vehicle experiencing significant safety hazards or performance issues due to improper tire care does not have to be a challenging or overly complicated aspect of vehicle ownership. Be Aware Of The Presence Of Wear Indicators Replacing the tires when they have become sufficiently worn is a routine aspect of vehicle ownership.

9 July 2017

Exactly What NOT To Do - 4 Easy Ways To Destroy Your Car


If you aren't savvy about keeping your car in good condition, it can be surprisingly easy to destroy your vehicle within months of your first drive. Here are a few ways you could end up totally wrecking your car if you aren't careful. Drive Through Water Though you can safely drive through a couple inches of water if you are very careful and your vehicle has good tires, you might be surprised how little standing water it takes to completely ruin your car.

23 March 2016