3 Things You Should Know Before Attending Your First Car Auction

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Car auctions can be a great way to score an amazing deal on your next vehicle. However, if you have never been to a car auction before, there are a few things that you should know about shopping for a vehicle in this manner before you head off to your very first auction. Taking the time to review the information below can help to ensure you have a positive experience when buying your next vehicle through a car auction. 

#1: You Should Always Show Up Early 

If the car auction you plan to attend starts at 5 pm, showing up at this time will already leave you at a disadvantage when bidding on any of the vehicles that are up for sale. This is because you will not get a chance to check out the vehicles up close once the auction has already begun. If you wish to have the opportunity to inspect these vehicles before you bid on them, you will need to show up early in order to scope out the available selection. Most auction houses will limit the amount of time that the vehicles are available for inspection prior to the start of the auction so be sure to check with them in advance to determine when you can begin viewing the available vehicles. 

#2: You Will Need To Take The Vehicle With You

When purchasing a vehicle from a car auction, you will typically be required to pay for the vehicle and take it with you at the end of the auction. This means being able to transport the vehicle without license plates or insurance coverage. If you are working with an auto dealer in order to purchase a vehicle at auction, this dealer should be able to transport the vehicle for you using one of their dealer plates. However, if you do not have access to a dealer plate that can be used to transport the car without first obtaining license plates, you may need to arrange for a tow truck to pick up your vehicle once the auction closes. 

 #3: Car Auctions Do Not Offer Any Warranty Coverage

When buying a car from an auto auction, it is important to understand that you are buying this vehicle as is. Even if the vehicle only makes it a few miles before breaking down, you will have no legal recourse against the auction house either for the cost of repairs or reimbursement for the vehicle. That is why it is always best to bring a knowledgeable mechanic with you to inspect the available vehicles if you are not able to properly inspect the vehicle yourself. 

Reach out to a car auction company near you for more information.


19 September 2022

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