4 Questions About Having A Vehicle With Remote Start

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Have you always wanted a remote start for your vehicle, but have some questions about how it works? Here is what you need to know about this very cool feature you can add to your car.

Can You Accidentally Start Your Vehicle?

One concern that people have about having a remote start feature is that they'll accidentally start their car by pressing the remote. Thankfully, most remote starts require a bit more than a single button press in order to start the vehicle. It's often a two or three-button press combination that you need to enter for it to actually start your car.

Will You Be Notified That You Correctly Started Your Vehicle?

The way that a remote start works will depend on the kind of system you have installed. If you want confirmation that your vehicle has started, you may have a key fob that has an indication that you entered the button combination correctly. This can be in the form of a chime that goes off, or even a small LCD screen that tells you the vehicle is running.

If you do not have a special key fob, then there are often visual cues that can give you an indication that the vehicle started. This includes a horn honk or blinking headlights. 

Can Someone Steal Your Car If It Is Unlocked?

It is common for remote starts to have a safety feature so that nobody can simply open your door and drive away with your vehicle. The car should shut down when you open the door so that you then have to put the key into the ignition to start the vehicle. If you have a keyless vehicle that simply requires the key fob to be near it, then the remote start will require the key fob to be nearby to start the car. 

What Happens If You Forget That You Started Your Vehicle Remotely?

Another safety feature that many remote starts have is to automatically shut down the vehicle after it has been idling for a specific amount of time. You can either set the time, or the vehicle has a set time frame where it shuts down. This feature will prevent you from starting up the vehicle and forgetting about it in case you are distracted with something else. You won't have to worry about coming back to a vehicle that has been running all day long and now has an empty tank of gas. 


13 January 2022

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