3 Tips To Find A Better Used Semi

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The price of a new semi is too high for many owner-operators. Investing in a used truck is a more affordable way to start your own transportation business. It's important that you spend a lot of time and effort searching for the right used rig.

Some used trucks can end up being money pits after the purchase is complete. To avoid having unexpected repair costs drain your budget, use these tips to help you find a better used semi.

1. Buy From Other Owner-Operators

You should always determine the status of the previous driver when you are investing in a used semi truck. Many of the used trucks available on the market are fleet vehicles. When a large transportation company upgrades to new trucks, they put their old rigs up for sale.

Company drivers have a tendency to be a lot harder on their trucks than owner-operators. An owner-operator is responsible for the cost of all repairs, so these drivers tend to baby their vehicles as much as possible. Buying from an owner-operator can improve the quality of the used semi you end up with.

2. Check the Service Records

You will be relying on the truck you purchase to generate an income for your family. If the truck breaks down, you won't be able to cash in on any loads. It's critical that you evaluate the service records for any used semi you are considering.

The service records will give you a glimpse into the overall care that the previous owner put into the semi. If you are unable to see the service records or the records you do see don't show regular maintenance, you may want to walk away from the purchase.

A reputable dealer will typically provide service records on used rigs, and many even offer extended warranties to help offset the cost of any repairs that come up after you get the used semi out on the road.

3. Check the Specs

You must have a complete understanding of the loads that you plan to transport before you invest in a used semi. This knowledge will help you source the used rig that has the specifications required to meet your needs.

A lot of new owner-operators can be lured into buying a truck because it's a great deal. If the truck is undersized or doesn't have the power required to pull your loads, the cost of a blown engine will quickly offset any savings you experience. Only look at trucks with the right specs.

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11 September 2020

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